Mind and Deity

  • John Laird
1939 to 1940
University of Glasgow

'Mind and Deity' is the second course of Gifford Lectures offered by John Laird, the first being his 1939 'Theism and Cosmology'. In this, his 1940 series, Laird explores metaphysics and theism, wrestling in particular with issues relating to belief in a personal God, Divine Providence and the nature of mind and value.

History and Eschatology

  • Rudolf Bultmann
1954 to 1955
University of Edinburgh

History and Eschatology charts the shift away from an ancient cyclical interpretation of history to teleological and eschatological alternatives. Bultmann explains the fundamental shift in historical understanding introduced in the Judeo-Christian tradition and explains why the disappointment faced by the early church in Christ’s belated return prompted a reinterpretation of history. This brought about a teleological understanding of history which was adopted by later Renaissance and secular traditions. Even Marxism continued to hold onto this teleological approach.

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