Science et religion dans la philosophie contemporaine

  • Emile Boutroux
1903 to 1905
University of Glasgow

Science and Religion in Contemporary Philosophy is among the few works of the French spiritualist Émile Boutroux available in an English translation. The volume explores the interchange between science and religion in what at the turn of the previous century was modern philosophy. Having dialogued with Comte, Spencer, Haeckel, Ritschl, and James, Boutroux argues in his conclusion that science and religion are indispensable facets of existence which perform different roles by describing distinct aspects of reality.

Realms of Value

  • Ralph Barton Perry
1946 to 1948
University of Glasgow

In Realms of Value Perry discusses the fields of philosophy of the natural and social sciences, aesthetics, philosophy of education, and philosophy of religion in the context of the “realms” of value. The task of his study is to bring unity and order into these areas, relying on a fundamental definition of value, defining it as any interest in any object.

The Road of Science and the Ways to God

  • Stanley L. Jaki
1974 to 1976
University of Edinburgh

The lectures seek to demonstrate by historical and epistemological analysis the necessary dependence of the rise of science in the West, and its continuation in the whole world, upon the cultural and metaphysical matrix provided by the Judeo-Christian worldview. The key and unique features of that worldview required for science to be born and mature include conviction of the world’s rationality, intelligibility and contingency, summarized by the Thomistic proofs for the existence of God.

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