Free will

Nature, Man and God

  • William Temple
1932 to 1934
University of Glasgow

In Nature, Man, and God, Archbishop Temple sets the groundwork for his “Philosophical Theology” by exploring issues related to the study of mind, and concluding with the person and work of Christ in what can be described as a Christocentric metaphysic.

For Faith and Freedom

  • Leonard Hodgson
1955 to 1956
University of Glasgow

This volume represents the first course of Leonard Hodgson's Gifford Lectures presented at the University of Glasgow in 1955/6. Hodgson presents a ten-part exposition. The first five lectures (Part I) review the author's theological and philosophical autobiography, while the second five lectures (Part II) examines the natural world as it relates to metaphysics, free will and theodicy.

Behind the Eye

  • Donald MacCrimmon MacKay
University of Glasgow

In his 1986 course of Glasgow Gifford Lectures, posthumously published as Behind the Eye, Donald MacCrimmon MacKay surveys key trends in brain science and information theory and discusses their influence upon the topics of identity, theism and causality. Though science and technology have revealed a great deal about the inner workings of the human mind, MacKay argues that increased scientific knowledge need not bring about the end of theism’s intellectual credibility.

Action and Belief

  • Thomas Malcolm Knox
1966 to 1968
University of Aberdeen

Sir Malcolm Knox delivered his Gifford Lectures in 1966–1968 at the University of Aberdeen. The series was published in two separate volumes under the titles Action and A Layman’s Quest. Knox takes up Lord Gifford’s requirements in the first series of lectures (Action, published in 1968) through a treatment of action (as the core element in ethics) and its connection with religious belief.

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