Cognitive science

Models, Mind and Man

  • Anthony J. Sanford
University of Glasgow

Sanford’s brief 1982–1983 Gifford Lectures consisted of five lectures that explored the nature of cognition with respect to language, common sense and value. His work is based on the premise that natural theology must take into consideration not only the external natural world but also the symbolic world of concepts, language and cognition.

The Nature and Limits of Human Understanding

  • Brian Hebblethwaite
  • George Lakoff
  • Lynne Rudder Baker
  • Michael Ruse
  • Philip Johnson-Laird
University of Glasgow

The 2001 Gifford Lectures commemorate the 550th anniversary of the founding of the University of Glasgow in 1451. In two lectures each, five scholars from various disciplines examine The Nature and Limits of Human Understanding. In Part I, cognitive psychologist Philip Johnson-Laird discusses the relationship between language and understanding. In Part II, linguist George Lakoff explores the mind-body relationship and the shaping influence of embodiment on thought, arguing for a new philosophy of ‘embodied realism’.

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