The Idea of Immortality

  • Andrew Seth Pringle-Pattison
1921 to 1923
University of Edinburgh

In this volume, Pringle-Pattison gives a historical review of how the idea of immortality is expressed in different ages, and examines the corresponding foundation for the hope of immortality for each period. He defines ‘eternal life’ as experienced through the participation in the being of Christ; it is a spiritual attitude intended for the here and now.

For Faith and Freedom

  • Leonard Hodgson
1955 to 1956
University of Glasgow

This volume represents the first course of Leonard Hodgson's Gifford Lectures presented at the University of Glasgow in 1955/6. Hodgson presents a ten-part exposition. The first five lectures (Part I) review the author's theological and philosophical autobiography, while the second five lectures (Part II) examines the natural world as it relates to metaphysics, free will and theodicy.

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