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The Power of Minds in the World

1924 to 1926
University of Aberdeen

According to David Boucher, 'The first volume of [William Mitchell's] Gifford Lectures, published in 1933, when he was seventy-two ... was almost impenetrable.... The typescript of the second volume of the Gifford Lectures was destroyed in the Blitz, and despite trying to reconstruct it into old age Mitchell was unable to accomplish this task.' David Boucher, 'Mitchell, William (1861–1962)', in Dictionary of Twentieth-Century British Philosophers, vol. 2, ed. Stuart Brown (Bristol: Thoemmes Continuum, 2005), 688–9. That said, W. Martin Davies writes: 'There are surviving manuscripts of this last book and proceedings of it as the last in the series of Gifford lectures—none of which, however, have ever reached print.' W. Martin Davies, 'William Mitchell 1861–1962', Internet Encyclopedia of Philosophy – online:, accessed July 20, 2017. If this manuscript does indeed exist, it is most likely located in the Papers of William Mitchell (Series 11), Rare Books & Special Collections, Barr Smith Library, University of Adelaide, Australia. Contact for additional detail.

  • Christopher R. Brewer