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The Philosophy of the Christian Religion

University of Aberdeen

In The Philosophy of the Christian Religion, Fairbairn considers the problem and the mystery of the person of Christ in the Christian religion. He divides his text into three books. The first contextualizes his argument and addresses questions in the philosophy of nature and mind which affect belief in the supernatural person. In Book II, Fairbairn discusses the person of Christ and the making of the Christian religion in three parts: first, he considers Christ as the founder of Christianity as a historical and as a supernatural person with physical and ethical transcendence. Second, the author examines the interpretation of the founder, the creation of the Christian religion through the apostolic construction of Jesus as the Christ. Third, Fairbairn compares the elements and ideas in this interpretation with those most constitutive in the ideal of religion as conserved and exemplified in the historical religions. Finally, in Book III, Fairbairn turns to discuss the religion of Christ and the ideal of religion as expressed in religious practice, primarily worship.

  • Kelly Van Andel, University of Glasgow