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Hellenistic Religion - The Two Phases

1939 to 1940
University of Aberdeen

According to the obituary written by E.R. Dodds and Henry Chadwick published in The Journal of Roman Studies, vol. 53, Parts 1 and 2 (1963), 168–9, "Nock was dissatisfied with these lectures: his opinions on many questions were changing, and except for the study of Posidonius, printed in JRS XLIX (1959), he withheld them from publication. (It is hoped that they may be published posthumously, with such correction in the light of their author's later views as is now possible.) In the years that followed Nock produced illuminating essays on many aspects of ancient religion, as well as reviews which were often substantive contributions to learning, but not the comprehensive book which his friends hoped for. It is intended to reprint the most important of these shorter writings in a volume of collected papers." These shorter writings were indeed collected and published as: Zeph Stewart, ed., Essays on Religion and the Ancient World, 2 vol. Oxford: Clarendon; Cambridge, MA: Harvard University Press, 1972. And while an article in The Harvard Crimson indicates that Stewart had intended to "work first on the Gifford Lectures", these have, it seems, never been published.

  • Christopher R. Brewer