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In God's Image

University of Edinburgh

From the University of Edinburgh:

This lecture series explores the concept ‘in God's image’. Human existence, ranging ‘from dust to dust’ to ‘only a little lower than God’, challenges us to discern the moral, scientific, technological, and religious powers that human beings bring to bear most effectively within this broad spectrum. An examination at an intellectual level and beyond illuminates the emergence of the human potential for justice, freedom, truth, and peace.


1. Human Beings as God's Image?

Prof Michael Welker: Human Beings as God's Image?

The almost religious enthusiasm that competitive sports generate through mass media finds a negative parallel when the passions of the masses are successfully manipulated by a political system such as the Third Reich.

2. The Human Spirit and the Divine Spirit

Prof Michael Welker: The Human Spirit and the Divine Spirit

Rather than conceive the spirit in an intellectual fashion—as consciousness, intelligence, rationality, and such bipolar notions as body-soul or body-spirit—we should understand both the human and the divine spirit in a multipolar and multimodal fashion.

3. Called to Justice

Prof Michael Welker: Called to Justice

Over centuries of evolution, the traditional patriarchal ethos has only reluctantly, and only in parts of the world, embraced legal concepts, morality, and politics based on equality – that is, an ethos based on justice and the protection of the weak, and focused on the freedom and equality

4. Called to Freedom

Prof Michael Welker: Called to Freedom

This lecture examines the moral-political processes of communication among human beings with regard both to the potential and to the illusions associated with notions of freedom. It illuminates the power as well as the risks associated with moral communication.

5. Called to Truth

Prof Michael Welker: Called to Truth

An understanding of the liberating potential inhering in the search for truth requires that we consider not only its cognitive and ethical dimensions but also its religious manifestations.

6. Called to Peace

Prof Michael Welker: Called to Peace

This lecture explores the intellectual, cultural, and natural conditions of peace, conditions necessary if the search for truth, justice, freedom, and redemption is to achieve its full potential. A crucial requirement is ‘cool’ love and the appreciation of modest, shared joy.