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The Evolution of Religions of Ancient Greece and Rome

1909 to 1911
University of Aberdeen

In a posthumously published sequel to Ridgeway's The Early Age of Greece, vol. 1, A.S.F. Gow and D.S. Robertson write (with reference to the second volume): 'Of the chapter on the gods a few pages were, as has been said, in proof in 1901, but the rest, though it served for Ridgeway's Gifford Lectures at Aberdeen in 1909–11, seems not to have been committed to paper; the others, except for stray notes and collections of material, remained projects.' 'Editors' Preface', in Sir William Ridgeway, The Early Age of Greece, vol. 2, ed. A.S.F. Gow and D.S. Robertson (Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 1931), vii. Additional detail is provided in a footnote: 'Short summaries of the Gifford Lectures appeared in the Aberdeen Free Press and the Aberdeen Journal at the time. Chapter III of this volume is an expanded form of the introduction to them.' (vii n. 1) Those interested in Ridgeway's lectures are thus encouraged to consult these sources.



  • Christopher R. Brewer