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1959 to 1961
University of Aberdeen

Belief is concerned primarily with the epistemology of belief under two opponent views as to its nature: (1) the traditional view of belief as a mental event (occurrence), and (2) the view of belief as a disposition. Ultimately, Price justifies indulgence in the considerations relating to these two views on the grounds that it will, in the end, enable a distinction to be drawn between ‘belief in’ and ‘belief that’, which in turn will enable him to ‘… pay some attention to the belief “in” a world-outlook or world-view, because this type of belief “in” is an essential part of the religious attitude’. It also serves Lord Gifford’s requirements in allowing Price to discuss self-verifying beliefs and to determine what kind of attitude religious faith is.



New York
George Allen & Unwin
  • Jon Cameron, University of Aberdeen