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Philip Johnson-Laird

Stuart Professor of Psychology, Princeton University

Psychologist Philip Johnson-Laird was born in Leeds, England, on 12 October 1936. He married Maureen Sullivan in 1959, and their marriage produced two children. In 1961 Johnson-Laird entered University College, London, as a psychology student and was awarded a Ph.D. in 1967. His doctoral research was supervised by Peter Wason, with whom he collaborated on his first book, The Psychology of Reasoning. During and following his doctoral studies, Johnson-Laird served as a lecturer at University College until taking up a post at the University of Sussex in 1973.

After leaving Sussex in 1982 Johnson-Laird became the Assistant Director of the Medical Research Council’s Applied Psychology Unit in Cambridge, serving until 1989. He then joined the faculty at Princeton University and is currently Stuart Professor of Psychology.

Johnson-Laird’s most notable publications include The Psychology of Reasoning: Structure and Content (1972, coauthored with Peter C. Wason), Language and Perception (1976, coauthored with George A. Miller), Mental Models: Toward a Cognitive Science of Language, Inference and Consciousness (1983), The Computer and the Mind: An Introduction to Cognitive Science (1988; 2d ed., 1993), Deduction (1991, coauthored with Ruth M. J. Byrne) and Human and Machine Thinking (1993).

  • Brannon Hancock, University of Glasgow