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Translators' Note

The text of the Scots Confession which is printed at the beginning of each chapter is that given by P. Schaff in his Creeds of the Evangelical Protestant Churches. It is based on the text in Sir John Skene's Acts of the Parliament of Scotland, 1424–1597, and has been re-issued recently, along with the Latin Version and an introduction, by Prof. G. D. Henderson of Aberdeen (Church of Scotland Publications).

We wish to draw the reader's attention to the fact that we have rendered “Gottesdienst” throughout by “service” (of God). Occasionally, e.g. in Lectures XVII and XVIII, this word might be equally well or even better translated by “worship” or “public worship”.

We should like to express our thanks to Mr. R. J. Fulton, B.A., and to Miss Maud Fulton, M.A., for their valuable help in reading the proofs and preparing an index.