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Introductory Note

THIS course of lectures is published from my brother's manuscript with only a few, generally verbal, corrections. Owing to the last half of the lectures being delivered three years after the first half, he found it necessary to recapitulate what he had previously said; and, even apart from this, repetition is often necessary in spoken lectures when it would be out of place in a book. I have not attempted entirely to remove such restatements; indeed, it sometimes seemed impossible to do so without disturbing the connection of the argument. I have no doubt that if my brother had lived to edit his own lectures, he would have corrected these defects, and would also have endeavoured to make his treatment of Christian doctrine more complete. The lectures must, to a certain extent, be regarded as a torso, and not as a finished work. At the same time they fairly represent my brother's thought on the subjects of which they treat, and would not probably have been altered in substance by any revision he might have given them.