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Prefatory Note

I Have nothing to add here to what has already been said in the Preface to the first volume of these Lectures, further than to request the reader’s particular indulgence for such oversights of the Press as he may discover in the last third of the text, which has unavoidably been “corrected” in great haste and at a distance from books. I have done my best to detect and remove errors, but it is only too possible that I have not been wholly successful.


Goathland, August 1930

Dr. Gore has called my attention to what I regretfully admit to be a double injustice to himself—though an unintentional injustice—on pp. 113 and 142. It is apparently implied in what is said there that Dr. Gore would “exclude from active participation in the devotional life of the Christian community” all who are not prepared to pledge themselves to the historical fact of the ‘Virgin Birth’. I ought to have remembered that in other writings than the book from which I was quoting, Dr. Gore had expressly explained that he proposes only to exclude such persons from the ministry of the Church. And I ought also to have known that Dr. Gore has equally expressly defined his attitude on the matters referred to in the footnote on the same page. I should therefore have raised the point there dealt with but without mentioning Dr. Gore’s name. In the reprint I have made what changes I can in this sense in the wording of the footnote and of the reference on p. 113. I trust that this sincere expression of my deep regrets will be accepted.

A. E. T.

Edinburgh, June 1931