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THE ten lectures contained in this second volume were delivered by me in my capacity of Gifford Lecturer in the University of Edinburgh in November and December 1898. They form the second half of a course on the Science of Religion and they treat of the Ontological part of that science.

They have been rendered into English from the Dutch in which they were originally written by the same friend who translated the first half of my course as published in the first volume in 1897 to the Preface of which I beg to refer. My translator has also added a full Index to both volumes which will greatly facilitate reference to their contents. Having been kindly revised by another friend as well as by myself this series is entirely uniform with the preceding. To both of these disinterested friends my grateful acknowledgments are due.

In this volume as in the first I have printed in full several passages which want of time prevented me from delivering orally.
Although keenly alive to the difficulties of my task and the imperfection of its fulfilment I have again been encouraged by the cordial reception and close attention accorded to me by large audiences to hope that my work has been appreciated. While my aims and method have been purely scientific they will as I venture to believe tend to prove that between pure science and true religion nothing but perfect and abiding harmony can prevail.
EDINBURGH December 1898.