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Part I

F.D. Maurice as Interpreter of the Old Testament: The F.D. Maurice Lectures for 1992

Chapter 1 Order and Creation in the Old Testament

Chapter 2 Maurice and the Old Testament Criticism of his day

Chapter 3 Maurice and Biblical Studies Today

Part II

Faith and Criticism in the Work of William Robertson Smith: Gifford Lectures 1994

Chapter 4 A Tale of Two Cultures

Chapter 5 The German Connection

Chapter 6 The Developing Critic

Chapter 7 The Importance of Prophecy

Chapter 8 Smith the Preacher

Chapter 9 Smith in Retrospect

Part III

Keynote Address to W.R. Smith Congress, Aberdeen, April 1994

Chapter 10 W.R. Smith's the Old Testament in the Jewish Church: Its antecedents, its influence and its Abiding Value


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